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Off the Beaten

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Minyoung Kang
Founder/Artistic Director

Welcome to Kallos' much-anticipated 2023-2024 season: 'Off the Beaten Path.'


Embark with us on an extraordinary musical odyssey as we unveil a captivating array of underrepresented compositions by either underrated or renowned composers.


I invite you to immerse yourself in the hidden gems of chamber music, meticulously curated to shine a spotlight on the brilliance of these often-overlooked works.


Beomjae Kim, flute

Bixby Kennedy, clarinet

Min Young Kang, piano

WED, NOV 15 AT 7:30PM
New Haven Lawn Club

The inaugural concert of Kallos' 2023-2024 transports you on a musical journey through a spectrum of emotions and narratives.

Join Kallos' exciting trio of musicians as they delve into the rich tapestry of human experience by exploring six distinct works:  Saint-Saën's wild whirling tarantella;
Reinecke's narrative Ballade, weaving tales of wonder; the hidden gem, Florent Schmitt's utterly delightful Sonatine; the playfully lighthearted sonatina from the late composer Horovitz, Connesson's classical rendition of raw techno music; and, closing the concert, Coleman's take on poetic memories of Langston Hughes of Harlem and Europe.


Isabelle Ai Durrenberger, violin

Daniel Hamin Go, cello

Min Young Kang, piano

WED, JAN 17 AT 7:30PM
New Haven Lawn Club

Our second concert titled 'Forgotten Heroes' celebrates the lesser-known geniuses whose works, though once obscured by the passage of time, now emerge as shining gems in the realm of chamber music.

The program includes Hummel's elegant Piano Trio Op. 12, Rachmaninoff's
poetic Piano Trio No. 1, Bridge's eloquent Four Pieces for Cello and Piano, and Babadjanian's
captivating Piano Trio.


Join us as we honor their brilliance, ensuring that their profound artistry continues to inspire and resonate with audiences of today and generations to come.


Clarie Bourg, violin

Rubén Rengel, violin

Tanner Menees, viola

Samuel DeCaprio, cello

WED, MAR 6 AT 7:30PM
New Haven Lawn Club

Step into the delightful world of 'La Passeggiata,' where we embark on a musical journey, presenting the timeless yet underrepresented compositions of Boccherini, Respighi, Verdi, and Puccini.


This captivating evening celebrates the rich tapestry of all-Italian string quartet music, taking you on a mesmerizing voyage through Italy's operatic heritage. Immerse yourself in the enduring melodies of Boccherini's String Quartet in C, Verdi's expressive String Quartet in E minor, Puccini's poignant Crisantemi, and Respighi's fusion of ancient and modern in String Quartet dorico p.144.


Join us in this extraordinary experience, where the charm of Italian culture intertwines with the magic of chamber music.


Nathan Meltzer, violin

Zhanbo Zheng, viola

Joshua Halpern, cello

Dominic Law, double bass

Min Young Kang, piano

Roots and Branches
WED, APR 24 AT 7:30PM
New Haven Lawn Club

The turn of the 20th century marked a period of boundless creativity and ingenuity. Kallos' final program for the season, titled "Roots and Branches," embodies this spirit of exploration and innovation. It explores the intersecting themes of tradition and innovation, offering a unique perspective on the evolution of chamber music during this dynamic period.


Join us as we explore Webern's intricate atonal composition, Mélanie Bonis's long-forgotten Piano Quartet No. 1, and Vaughan Williams' recently published Piano Quintet with Double Bass, unveiled to the world in 2002. 

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