Empowering Lives through the Magic of Chamber Music in New Haven

The word ‘Kallos’ originated from the Ancient Greek word ‘kállos’, which means 'beauty', 'nobility', and 'a beautiful thing.' This 'beauty' comes from the Greek philosophy concept of the creation of beauty in all aspects of life on the part of a person observing and enjoying existing harmony and beauty.

Kallos Chamber Music Series took the name from this word as chamber music is shared experiences of beauty for both artists and audiences.


Founded in January 2019, the Kallos Chamber Music Series aims to cultivate a welcoming community of classical music lovers around an intimate, salon-style concert experience. Inspired by the salon gatherings in pursuit of knowledge and fellowship that flourished in 17th- and 18th-century Europe, Kallos’ mission is to bridge the gap between audiences and performers by creating a conversational chamber music setting, bringing audiences face-to-face with the communicative power of music.


When everything works together - the venue, the artists, the audience, the music -

chamber music becomes magical. 

With concert setting which is inclusive, intimate, and communicative,

We believe that we will experience the music in a way

that empowers our souls and enlightens our mind together.