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Inclusive, Intimate
and Communicative

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WMNR Fine Arts Radio
Sun, May 22, 2022 at 3 - 5pm
Sunday Concert Series

Featuring our performance on March 9th as well as the archive recording from 2020-21 Sesaon

Have you missed our March 9th concert 'Songs Without Words'? Join WMNR Fine Arts Radio on Sunday the 22th to listen to the concert!

Arts Respond with Lucy Gellman
on WNHH Community Radio

(Featuring Maria Ioudenitch, Josh Halpern, and Min Young Kang)


The Kallos musicians closed out their gorgeous three-concert series tonight with Brahms's C-minor piano quartet, perhaps his finest. This exquisite piece demands so much of the players, in virtuosic technique, in sensitivity to line, arc, and the deceptively complex harmonic structure of each of the four movements. It was clear to me from the beginning of the first movement to the final notes of the fourth that Kang, Arndt, Bak, and Halpern studied this piece, learned it, and immersed themselves in it to the point that they made it their own, allowing their virtuosic mastery to serve their artistic conception, as individuals and most importantly as an ensemble of coequals. Perhaps it was in the third movement, the delicate and fragile E-major Andante, that their sensitivity to the music shone best, revealing startling gossamer layers of overlapping complementary textures. I'm looking forward to that time when performances can once again be in person. But in the meantime, I feel blessed and grateful to Kallos, and all dedicated musicians who are finding ways to continue making music: you are essential workers in your own right, helping to redeem this dark and difficult time.  .” 

—  Robert Marra

                    Kallos audience member

"a moving, at turns contemplative
and emotional program."

"resonant with the time, and offering understanding, catharsis,
and consolation"


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